Forthcoming Events

November 4: All Souls Day, followed by

November 4: Making Meaning Seminar on ‘Wisdom in Eastern Religions’.

November 9 and 10:  The Transformation Game® at Hull.

Friday from 1 pm to 5.30 pm and Saturday from 9.15 am to 3.15 pm

Free for members and regular attenders of Hull Unitarians, but a refundable deposit is required if you are accepted to be a participant.

About the Resource.

The Transformation Game® has been developed at the Findhorn Foundation over more than 20 years. It enables you to identify a life purpose and to explore how your patterns, beliefs and experiences can influence your opportunities.  Engaging in the process with a group of four people and a facilitator will help you to recognise your strengths, review and resolve challenges, and explore new possibilities. You will have the opportunity to exercise initiative and imagination, to share with and support others, and to make your own choices and decisions.

Ralph Catts is an accredited game facilitator. He has more than 20 years of experience of the Findhorn community including periods living in the community, and has played the game several times and completed an extensive training programme as a game facilitator in October, 2018.

This is an opportunity for some members and friends of Hull Unitarians to experience the game. The course is free but a donation is invited to support the work of the church. Normally there is a significant fee for this course so this is a great opportunity. There will be 10 hours of engagement.

What others have said about the experience:

I think you were excellent as a facilitator. You are very good in reflecting back what the participants have said. You gave us all an equal amount of time and I feel you did not push me in any direction.

the game gave (me) a very clear way forward which I have put into practice on several occasions with good results.

When I was first invited to be part a facilitated game I couldn’t understand why the facilitator thought it would take so long! Now I know . I really enjoyed the time to get in touch with myself & others at each step,


Phone the church and provide your contact details.  Please be aware that this is a collaborative experience. You are required to take part for the full period, hence the deposit which will be forfeited if you let others down by not taking up your place.