Borrowing Library

We hold some books that members and friends will find useful. This year we have added to our collection and we are now making these books available for you to borrow. We work on an honour system and ask that books be returned within a month so others can share.

Hanh, T. N. (1975). The Miracle of Mindfulness. Boston: Beacon Press.

Montgomery, K. (2015). Landscapes of Aging and Spirituality. Boston: Skinner House.

Usher, D. (2013). Twelve Steps to Spiritual Health. London: Lindsey Press.

Whyman, K. (. (2016). Living with Integrity: Unitarian Values and Beliefs in Practice. London: Lindsey Press.

Woolley, S. (2018). Unitarians: Together in Diversity. London: Lindsey Press.

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