Namings, Weddings and Funerals

Life Events

So called ‘rites of passage’ mark important life events when people often turn to a church for support. Unitarian services acknowledge the sacred but do not presume to tell you what to believe about God. Hence, while our ceremonies include an acknowledgement of the spiritual dimension of human consciousness, they are tailored to the beliefs and needs of the family members.

Naming Ceremonies:

We believe in the original goodness of each person and hence we do not see the need for a baptism to absolve ‘sin’. Rather, for us, the arrival of a new life is to be celebrated, and a naming ceremony can allow family and friends to gather for this purpose. It is also an opportunity for a commitment by two (or more) people to stand beside the parents in a special relationship to the child.       Naming_Leaflet


Unitarian weddings provide a religious wedding without a proscribed liturgy. It means that couples develop a wedding service in conjunction with the Minister, that will conform to the legal requirements, include a spiritual element, and take account of the specific circumstances of the couple concerned. Hull Unitarian church is registered to conduct weddings between loving couples irrespective of gender.      Wedding_Leaflet


Sometimes a deceased person has requested a Unitarian funeral, and on other occasions family members may wish to farewell a deceased person with a religious service that acknowledges the life of the deceased, without ascribing beliefs about what if anything exists after death. Unitarian funerals allow one to respect the different beliefs of family members and friends in an inclusive funeral service, which allows space for people to farewell their loved one with dignity.


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