Coffee Morning and Fellowship

Coffee mornings are currently on hold until further notice.

Our monthly coffee mornings will be held to support the needs of members and friends of our church, and to help to subsidise our next outing.  We raise funds for a charity once a month with a focus on local groups.  (See below for upcoming events.)  We need items for our table top sales and we also welcome prizes that we can offer for our raffle or tombola.  But most of all we welcome your company!

Sponsor a Charity

We invite you to select a charity that you support and to help us to arrange for a fund-raising Friday morning event, including inviting a representative of the selected charity to join us to tell us about the charity.  We welcome also displays or material from the charity that we can share.

To help you to sponsor a charity our church provides £15 to help you to provide prizes for a raffle or Tombola.  You can use that to boost the quality of the prizes.  If you can afford to do so, you can donate the £15 to the charity to boost the amount that we raise but if you have limited means, we expect you to use the money to pay for the prizes, so that you do not have to take money from your pocket.  Please be part of our efforts to raise funds for charities during our Friday Gatherings.

Hull Unitarians
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