Gathering for Worship

 Gathering for Worship

At the heart of our community is worship, which takes place in Chamberlain House, Park Street at 4 pm every Sunday. Our worship reflects what we regard as being of supreme worth. To find out more about our forms of worship please click here 

Gathering for Meditation: Thursday at 2:30 pm

(currently on hold).

Meditation is a vehicle for renewing our awareness of our inner being and our inter-connection with all sentient beings. We use several forms of meditation practice including breath meditation, mindfulness, loving kindness and visualisation. Please check with our minister for what is planned for the coming Thursday or check the newsletter.

Gathering for Fellowship

On the first Friday of the month we gather from 10.30 to noon to share socially and to raise funds for specific charities and for a fund to provide relief of need in our community.

On special occasions, we will have a charity table and a tombola or raffle with many prizes.

Rites of Passage

weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals. For more information, click here

To find out more about the Hull Unitarians and what to expect at our services contact: Revd John Carter on (01482) 224662
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