Forthcoming Events

Thursday, January 17. After Meditation from 3.20 pm. Meet Richard Bober, convenor of the Unitarian UK wide Meditation Fellowship, and learn about the up-coming meditation retreat in Salisbury.

Friday January 18 12.30 pm Open trustees meeting to continue discussion of future of ministry of the church.

Friday Jan 18 3.30 pm – 5.45 pm and Saturday January 19 9.15 am to 3.15 pm Transformation Game – apply by leaving a message on the church phone. Limit of 4 participants.

Sunday February 17. From 12.30 pm to 2pm. Making Meaning Seminar. Climate Change: How can we address those in denial and the conspiracy theorists? Hear Prof Geoffrey Levermore, a lead author of the International Panel on Climate Change.


The organisers of Hull Heritage Open Days are sympathetic to including more places of worship into this lovely nation wide event (which sees all sorts of organisations and groups opening their doors to anyone who is interested) –  so if this is something with which your place of worship would like to get involved, please contact me ( in the first instance.  I include below information on how to access an e copy of the brochure for this year’s (2018) event. Alternatively I can arrange to have a hard copy sent out to you if that would be helpful.