AGM 25th June 2017



JUNE 25 2017 following worship.

The annual general meeting will receive the report of the trustees and a report from the Minister.

Members and friends are welcome to participate, noting that only members can vote. To be a member you need to have attended church events regularly for at least 6 months, and to agree to our principles of mutual respect and tolerance, and support our aspirations.

Members are eligible to nominate as a trustee. The Church constitution proposes 7 as the preferred number of trustees, although there can be as few as three and as many as 11. Please consider becoming a trustee.

Our church is in a phase of renewal and growth, so it is a great time to become involved.


Our Shared Aspiration

We gather as a caring spiritual community

to help one another;

and to seek meaning and direction in our lives,

by exploring the vast reaches of our minds and spirit.


Hull Unitarians
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